Isobutane turbine tested, but EXPAND rig testing timeline hampered by mechanical issues.

2. 5. 2023
Isobutane turbine and EXPAND rig issues

The DExpand project, dedicated to advancing decentralized power production systems using Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) technology, encountered mixed outcomes regarding the isobutane EXPAND test rig.

Despite challenges such as mechanical failures during the commissioning of the EXPAND rig, the project team successfully tested the isobutane turbine, achieving an isentropic efficiency up to 60% under limited conditions. This promising result sets the stage for future enhancements. However, mechanical issues significantly impacted the timeline for further testing and commissioning, highlighting the need for adjustments and continued experimentation in 2024. The project’s adaptability and progress, despite setbacks, underscore its comprehensive approach to advancing ORC expander technology, with plans for further experimental work on the isobutane axial turbine and additional publications to disseminate findings.