Functional Samples Achieved: Unveiling the Future of Energy Efficiency in Expander and Turbine Technology

16. 2. 2024

In the relentless pursuit of energy efficiency and sustainable solutions, the Dexpand project has marked a pivotal year with significant breakthroughs in expander and turbine technology. Spearheaded by the project  consortium, the project aimed at optimizing expanders for small-scale distributed energy systems, targeting the power range of 1–50 kW. This endeavor was not just about pushing the boundaries of current technology but also about making sustainable energy more accessible and cost-effective.

Many efforts culminated in the assembly and commissioning of four expanders, MM and isobutane axial turbines, velocity compounded radial “Elektra” turbine and a rotary vane expander. This is a maor milestone in the project, which will now in its final phase focus on performing more experimental campaigns, analyzing and summarizing the results and some final design modifications based on the experimental experience.